Member of the Month – December 2022

Bre Milos

Congratulations to Bre for being named August’s “Member of the Month” award! In accordance with our core values at Wayfarer CrossFit, Bre exemplifies respect, selflessness, a great attitude, and a solid attendance record.

We recently sat down with Bre (lovingly known as “Old Bre”) to ask her a few questions so you can get to know her better. Her answers are in bold.


What is your occupation? Finance Manager for an Environmental Testing company in NYC (working from home)

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit? In the event that I find some free time (5 kids doesn’t allow for much!), I really enjoy traveling, hiking, writing, playing guitar, reading, trying something new (restaurants, activities, towns, etc.). Of course, I love spending time with the kids, too.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?  “Put God first in everything, and the rest will follow.” And it’s proven true in my life time and time again.

How long have you been doing CrossFit? How long at Wayfarer? 22 months, all at Wayfarer

What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve achieved since you started doing CrossFit?  Probably handstand push-ups or even just a simple strict pull-up. Upper body strength was always a weakness of mine, so it’s been fun developing that.

Why did you start doing CrossFit and what made you choose Wayfarer CrossFit? I knew about Wayfarer since it opened, but I wasn’t exactly sure what CrossFit was. When I met my husband, he had done CrossFit prior and taught me a bit about it. I wanted a local gym, tried Wayfarer, drank the Kool-Aid, and never looked back!

Favorite WOD/movement? I feel like I’m not allowed to say running, so I’ll go with Power Cleans or Snatches. Those are fun!

Least favorite WOD/movement? Thrusters. And burpees. Although I’m learning to appreciate burpees a bit, whereas I will never like thrusters – ever.

What is your favorite music to listen to during a workout? Rock/hard rock

What is the one cheat meal you won’t give up no matter what? Pasta – I could never!

What is your worst gym habit? Immediately looking up after chalking my hands and jumping up on the rig. Chalk in the eyes every. single. time. I don’t learn.

What would you recommend to someone that is just starting CrossFit or is too afraid to try it? You just have to walk in. One step in the door will show you that CrossFit is for any person, any age, at any skill level. That’s the thing I love most about it. Everyone is just trying to improve on their own. You get to push your limits and constantly compete with yourself – and the occasional friendly competition is great, too!

How does it feel to be named Member of the Month? It is such an unexpected surprise! I’m so honored!

What the (Blank)?

My typical post workout meal is I attend the 4:30p class, so whatever I’m making for dinner.

I can’t go to the gym without gum!

CrossFit is …my hour of sanity each day! CrossFit has become so important for me not only physically, but mentally and socially, as well. It’s a chance to have some personal time, clear my mind, get physical and enjoy the amazing community we have at Wayfarer.